Making cold meats is our job. Recapturing the long-forgotten flavours and values that belonged to our rural culture is our mission. Therefore we wait until our pigs' life cycle has reached its natural conclusion. Only then do we start processing, so we are sure that the raw material will be perfectly mature, full of flavour and completely wholesome. Meat is lean because our pigs are free to move about, they develop their muscles and use up excess fat. Our processing methods follow Italian tradition, using only natural ingredients. Biologically-raised meat must be handled carefully, with patience, respecting the methods and tempos dictated by nature. We're not interested in the quantity we can produce. Only the quality of this new generation of cold meats – the result of the partnership between man and nature – is important to us. Our production cycle undergoes severe inspections; we have our own cross-checking procedures and are subject to those of internationally- approved control bodies that ensure we respect the UE's strict standards that apply throughout the biological-production sector. This is the method we have chosen and we invited prestigious partners to work with us in the research and development of this new line of cold meats, such as the Food Science Dept. and the Biology Dept. of Udine Univ., as we are convinced that the future belongs, above all, to those who know how to produce and how to eat intelligently while respecting nature, of which we are all a part and in which we have our roots.


Nature is self-supporting and evolves continuously. This is why we have chosen to work with nature. Our pigs are raised exclusively on Italian biological farms, where they are cared for throughout their life. They are free to move around in the open air, in huge open spaces, eating only natural, GM-free feed grown by biological methods, with no chemical herbicides or pesticides.
Our pigs grow, live and breed according to their natural biological cycles, without the use of growth-boosting substances, or any form of treatment that could alter their metabolism. We follow only the simple laws of nature, immersed in a wholesome ecosystem in which every being has its place, its function and in which nothing is wasted. Nature itself tells us when each pig has reached full maturity.
And we are patient, because we know that only our respect for the rhythm and laws of nature will allow us to achieve true quality.
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