COD. 0401

“PANdiCOTTO” High Quality cooked ham wrapped in bread

Specialty cooked hams

Made using only carefully selected pork thighs that are flavored with our natural infusion of spices and aromatic plants, the result of a recipe created by Luigi Vida in 1966. After a long massaging phase where the leg is allowed to slightly crisp, it is shaped and tied out of the mold by the skilled hands of our pork butchers. The leg is wrapped in a delicate bread dough and subjected to an initial slow steaming phase to preserve its fragrance and organoleptic qualities. The second baking takes place in the classic bread oven, just like in a typical bakery, where the bread coating is cooked. The typicality of this Mitteleuropean production gives “PANdiCOTTO Vida” a unique taste and fragrance.

The exterior color is typically amber, the result of the peculiar cooking process. The slice is soft and compact, able to melt in the mouth like a true High Quality Ham. Thanks to the special processing, the Prosciutto is sweet and delicately flavored, with just the right balance of salt.


only selected pork thighs, Vida infusion of natural spices and herbs, delicate bread dough, slow steaming for more than 20 hours, baking in the baker's oven, molding out of the mold by hand, hand tying of the Ham, and a lot of passion in making cured meats since 1966.


Processing aids, added polyphosphates, milk derivatives and caseinates, monosodium glutamate, GMOs.


Pork leg
Marine salt
Sugar: sucrose
Spices and aromatic plants
Bread: type "0" flour, water, lard, sea salt. Sugar: sucrose

Sodium ascorbate
Sodium nitrite

Shelf Life

90 giorni (se con crosta di pane)


Kg. 8 / 9

Possibilità di acquisto

This product is also available in a cut-in-half version and can also be packaged already without the bread crust.

Il miglior modo per conservare il prodotto

Our "PANdiCOTTO" Cooked Ham is a "High Quality" ham: therefore with low content of preservatives and antioxidants. Therefore, once opened it should be cut and consumed as quickly as possible, taking care to store it at a temperature between 0° and 4°. It can also be placed in vacuum or atm, extending its natural shelf life by a few days.

Degustazione e abbinamento

In order for it to release the typical aromas of processing and cooking, "PANdiCOTTO" Prosciutto should be eaten cold and thinly sliced with a slicing machine. We recommend pairing it with white wines from the region, such as "Friulano" or sparkling "Ribolla Gialla", which best enhance its flavors. This ham may also be reheated and enjoyed cut with the knife.

Valori nutrizionali medi per 100g di prodotto
Energia (kJ) 626
Energia (kcal) 149
Grassi (g) 7,2
di cui acidi grassi saturi (g) 2,6
Carboidrati (g) 0,7
di cui zuccheri (g) < 0,5
Proteine (g) 21
Sale (g) 2,2