COD. 2012

Pistachio Mortadella

Traditional Italian Cold Cuts

The best fresh pork bellies, shoulders and throats are delicately flavored, finely chopped and stuffed together with diced throat lard, surely the tastiest part of the pig. The taste is refined and light, thanks in part to slow cooking in special refractory brick stoves.

The inside of the mortadella is typically pink with white lard. It is soft with a firm slice, able to melt in the mouth like a true quality salami. The mortadella is sweet and delicately flavored, with just the right balance of salt.


The best fresh pork bellies, shoulders and throats, slow cooking in refractory brick stoves, and a lot of passion in making cured meats since 1966.


Processing aids, gluten, added polyphosphates, milk derivatives and caseinates, monosodium glutamate, starches or starch, GMOs.


Italian Pork Meat
Bronte Pistachio DOP 1%
natural flavors

Sodium ascorbate
Sodium nitrite
contains PISTACHIO

Shelf Life

90 giorni


Kg. 12 circa

Possibilità di acquisto

This product is sold whole or cut in half.

Il miglior modo per conservare il prodotto

Mortadella Vida is a quality cured meat with low preservative and antioxidant content. Therefore, once opened it should be cut and consumed as quickly as possible, taking care to store it at a temperature between 0° and 4°. It can also be placed in vacuum or atm, extending its natural shelf life by a few days.

Degustazione e abbinamento

In order for it to express the best of its production, Vida mortadella should be eaten cold and thinly sliced with a slicing machine. It is recommended to be paired with young, sparkling red wines such as Lambrusco IGT, which best enhance its flavors.

Valori nutrizionali medi per 100g di prodotto
Energia (kJ) 1180
Energia (kcal) 285
Grassi (g) 25
di cui acidi grassi saturi (g) 10
Carboidrati (g) 0
di cui zuccheri (g) 0
Proteine (g) 15
Sale (g) 2