COD. 0511

“VALLIGIANO” Praga cooked ham w/o rind

Smoked cooked hams

We use only the best pork legs, carefully selected and completely defatted. We season them with our natural infusion of a mixture of spices and herbs. After the massaging and maturing phase, during which the legs acquire our typical taste and tenderness, they are moulded into the traditional round shape by the skilful hands of our pork butchers. The legs are then subjected to a first phase of steaming, to maintain fragrance and organoleptic qualities. The second cooking phase is dedicated to smoking using special wood essences, mainly consisting of dried natural beech chips and juniper berries.

The golden exterior is slightly amber, the result of the final smoking. The inside, on the other hand, is pinkish, soft and with a firm slice that melts in the mouth like a real quality ham. It is sweet and delicately smoked on the palate.


Pork legs, Vida infusion of natural spices and herbs, moulding outside the mould by hand, slow steaming for more than 20 hours, smoking with fine wood essences based on natural dried beech shavings and juniper berries and a lot of passion in making sausages since 1966.


gluten, artificial flavourings, milk derivatives and caseinates, monosodium glutamate, starches, GMOs. It does not contain substances or products that cause allergies or intolerances according to Annex II of Regulation (EU) 1169/2011. Product listed in the AIC Food Handbook drawn up by the Italian Celiac Association and on the website


Pork leg
Marine salt
Sugar: sucrose
Spices and aromatic plants

E451, E452
Sodium ascorbate
Sodium nitrite

Shelf Life

150 giorni


Kg. 8 / 9

Possibilità di acquisto

This product is sold by the piece.

Il miglior modo per conservare il prodotto

Our "VALLIGIANO" Cooked Ham is a quality ham: therefore with a low content of preservatives and antioxidants. Therefore, once opened, it should be cut and consumed as quickly as possible, taking care to keep it at a temperature between 0° and 4°. It can also be vacuum-packed or MAP-packed, extending its natural shelf life by a few days.

Degustazione e abbinamento

In order to release its typical aromas, "VALLIGIANO" ham should be sliced and left to rest for 20 minutes at room temperature. We recommend pairing it with rosé wines or red wines such as Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon, which better enhance its taste.

Valori nutrizionali medi per 100g di prodotto
Energia (kJ) 415
Energia (kcal) 98
Grassi (g) 2,0
di cui acidi grassi saturi (g) 0,8
Carboidrati (g) < 0,5
di cui zuccheri (g) 0
Proteine (g) 20
Sale (g) 2,8