Making salami is our profession. Our philosophy is to re-appropriate forgotten flavours and values belonging to rural culture. Luigi Vida Bio pigs are free to roam in the open air, in large spaces dedicated to them, feeding on natural food, free from GMOs, pesticides or chemical herbicides. We wait for them to complete their life cycle naturally, and only start processing at this point. This provides us with a more mature, tastier and healthier raw material.  

Our offer

The Luigi Vida Bio range consists mainly of a selection of practical trays of pre-sliced cured meats, offering an excellent ratio of quality, taste and convenience. From Cooked Ham to Salami and Raw Ham, the choice of our Salumi is wide and able to satisfy even the most demanding palates!

The safety of a certified specialty

Our production is scrupulously controlled in accordance with the standards laid down by organic legislation by internationally accredited control bodies, together with compliance with the food safety standards contained in the FSSC22000 certification and compliance with all the regulations laid down at EU level. Thanks to these procedures of constant verification of our production cycle we can offer our consumers a safe and genuine production chain.

It doesn't matter how much we can produce. What matters most is the quality of this new generation of cured meats, born of the close collaboration between nature and man.